West Thames Park a Muddy Puddle

West Thames Park a Muddy Puddle

The newly opened West Thames Park changed into a puddle of mud that made citizens residing near the area unhappy. After a thorough examination, the Battery Park City Authority had concluded that the contractor had utilized an inappropriate type of sod for the said park. The previous playground had been removed after the NY State Department of Transportation proceeded with the “Pataki’s Promenade”—disregarding community’s strong disagreement of the said structure. The “Pataki’s Promenade” was a previous project of the earlier administration which have a controversial $9.4 million budget plan. The said plan had wiped out a lot of trees along the area.

Aside from the Battery Park City Authority, DNAinfo also concluded that the West Thames Parks sports field is nothing better than a puddle of mud. The wide area of grass laden land had become but a piece of unfertilized soil where traces of grass are very scant.  Residents had been disappointed that their long-awaited promised grounds turned to a backyard of dirt. Since then, that area of Battery Park had attracted complaints from the nearby neighborhood in battery.

The Battery Park City Authority had already explained to nearby city dwellers that the sod used by the contractor was the one with a coating of clay beneath it, which impeded drainage and hindered the grass from growing. In short, the contractor used the wrong type of sod. However, a new type of sod will be placed in that area of Battery Park as planned by the State Department of Transportation. But there is no exact date of the said plan to take place—it could be April or May.

The said area of Battery Park will be closed for a few weeks after the planned re-modification takes place. The Battery Park City Authority wants to ensure that grass roots have already bonded itself to the soil before visitors in Battery Park step onto it. Approximately, the renowned city park in New York will not be open until middle of June. Residents this time hope that the said re-modification plan is worth waiting for.

But, it seemed children couldn’t wait that long as the wide stretch of mud didn’t stop them from foraying every corner of the said wing of Battery Park. Children appeared to be oblivious of the said change and continued to run around the park. Although the snow made the park almost perfect during the winter, the problem of mud puddle was still there. The springtime emphasized it. Everyone is expecting—and hoping—the Battery Park City Authority to act on this problem fast.


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