Weiner Scandal  and Obama costing Dems in NY 9th

Weiner Scandal and Obama costing Dems in NY 9th

This past spring was rather scandalous for NY Congressman, Anthony Weiner, causing him to resign after his Twitter fiasco. However, in a special election which democrats figured would be an easy replacement opportunity, Republican’s are causing them to reanalyze their perception of and strategy for this race.

Weiner Scandal  and Obama costing Dems in NY 9th

In this election for 9th New York congressional district, polls are “showing Republican Bob Turner poised for a dramatic upset in a largely Democratic district.” It was largely assumed that Democrat and New York Assemblyman, David Weprin, would easily win claim to the seat. However, recent polls indicate that Weprin may pay the cost for anger at the Weiner twitter scandal and at President Obama’s performnce.


Last week, Siena College published a poll which showed David Weprin to be outpaced by Turner by a six point (50-44) margin. This week, Public Policy Polling has also shown Turner to have a 6% lead over Weprin. These two polls are extremely unsettling for Democratic strategists, as they point to factors beyond the control of Weprin for being the source of Turner’s current success.

In the poll of 886 likely voters, despite 50% of them disapproving of the job of Congressional Republicans, only 33% approving of Mitt Romney, and only 26% approving of Rick Perry, 56% disapprove of Obama’s leadership (54% disapprove of Obama’s handling of Israel). Moreover, 53% of voters disapprove of Weiner while another 18% were unsure.

Weiner Scandal  and Obama costing Dems in NY 9th

Given the fact that voters in the 9th district have a favorable opinion of Weprin by a 39-36 margin, their disapproval of Rep Weiner and President Obama is so strong that Bob Turner begins to look increasingly attractive.

After an Aug. 10 Siena poll having Weprin ahead by 6 points in a district which traditionally goes Democrat 3-1, these recent polls will give this once ignored race a lot of unexpected attention and political donations.


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