Students at Wall & Water Rewarded for Labor

Students at Wall & Water Rewarded for Labor

The Wall & Water Restaurant is featuring a fascinating meal of mussel chowder, roasted pumpkin with ricotta and pheasant. The meal is finished off with a chocolate cake with vanilla sauce. The whole idea behind the creation of dishes like this is for the chefs to have fun and learn how to master simple dishes.

One student in the class remarked with, “Simple? This involves a lot of steps!” Wall & Water hosts Chef May’s cooking class every other month. During the classes, students will prepare the meal and later sit down to enjoy their creation. All classes are divided into student groups of four and each student prepares one dish for the meal.

Chef May is a native of Argentina and hosts multiple classes. The Chef has also been the recipient of numerous awards. May 7 marks the reopening of the Andaz Wall Street’s farmers’ market. One of the scheduled classes included a trip to the market to purchase ingredients for the class.

The Wall & Water cooking class can accommodate 12 students, all of which desire to learn some culinary skills from the masters. The restaurant operates daily and is planning a special brunch for Easter. All students are invited and there will be no cooking involved.

The classes offered at Wall & Water cost $120 per person and each class lasts for two hours. Chef May explains that his is a great way for the students to start their culinary careers and learn the basics.


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