South Street Seaport Museum back in Business

South Street Seaport Museum back in Business

Yesterday, the South Street Seaport Museum opened back up to the general public after being threatened with indefinite closure. A deal struck by the city and museum officials has given this downtown Manhattan institution a second chance.

South Street Seaport Museum back in Business

South Street Seaport Museum's reopening is largely being supported by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

A low number of exhibits was one of the issues which  contributed the the cycle of low attendance/low revenue and eventual closing of the downtown landmark.

For that reason, the South Street Seaport Museum has opened with  the work of more than 20 local artists in addition to displays of colonial and pre-Civil War South Seaport. This is just the beginning of a collective push to turn the South Seaport Museum into a premier Lower Manhattan attraction.

South Street Seaport Museum officials are anticipating a strong showing this year, as new exhibits and artists should be far more frequent given the renewed interest of the Mayor’s office and private entities which will both provide needed funding.

The summer months especially should be an excellent period for cultural programs hosted by museum coordinators and officials.

The museum not only offers a unique insight into old and new aspects of life in New York City, but a great option for a family outing that won’t break the budget. Admission for the museum is only $5 for Adults and free for those under 9 years of age. Moreover, it offers great visiting hours from Wednesday through to Sunday from 10am-6 pm. So, come on down to the port by the sea!


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