Stuyvesant to allow Battery Park September 11 Remembrance

Stuyvesant to allow Battery Park September 11 Remembrance




With September 11 remembrance events scheduled throughout the tri-state area, Battery Park’s own Stuyvesant High School has decided to allow its alumni association to host a vigil for current students, family, and alumni on school premises.

Stuyvesant to allow Battery Park September 11 Remembrance

Photo taken from Stuyvesant student paper, the Spectator

As discussed in a New York Times article from September 2nd, Battery Park Stuyvesant principle, Stanley Teitel was adamant in his opposition to the September 11 Remembrance ceremony proposed by Mr. Jukay Hsu and the other members of the Stuyvesant High Alumni Association. Initially, school officials cited an existing reservation for the school’s auditorium as a reason why the September 11 Remembrance vigil could not be held at the school. However, after “requests to use other rooms in the 10-story building were also rejected,” it became apparent that officials were simply opposed to the very idea of this September 11 Remembrance ceremony.

With many of these alumni being present for the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, their proposed vigil would be a way to remember loved ones lost on that very tragic day. According to a more recent NY Times article, an “agreement brokered by the Manhattan borough president, Scott M. Stringer, and the Battery Park City Authority’s chairman William C. Thompson Jr., the alumni will now have a two-hour permit to use their school’s auditorium on Sunday”.

While many have decided to put the traumatic events of 9/11 behind them, others, like the Battery Park Stuyvesant alumni, contend that a September 11 remembrance ceremony is the proper way to mend wounds which are very much still open.


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