Presidential Race 2012 – Obama’s New York Pit-Stop in Battery Park

Presidential Race 2012 – Obama’s New York Pit-Stop in Battery Park

As the GOP camp of candidates are still jockeying for position with the Ames, Iowa debate and straw poll quickly approaching, President Barack Obama is preparing his monetary stockpile. Following the trend of the last few of these quadrennial competitions, presidential race 2012 is shaping up to be another example of “to the spender goes the spoils.” This is evident by statistics filed by the Center for Responsive Politics which show that since 2000, total presidential campaign expenditures have increased by over $1 billion each cycle. As of today, Federal Election Committee filing show that already, over $61 million has been raised, with Democrats out-pacing Republicans by more than a 3 to 1 margin. However, in understanding that this margin will quickly narrow as republican donors move behind one candidate for presidential race 2012, Obama and his financial strategists are hitting the pavement and the banquet halls to fatten thee ole war chest. For this reason, “Hello Ritz Carlton- Battery Park.”

Today, at 5:25 pm, President Obama is expected in Battery Park for a 6 pm fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton before heading to one more DNC fundraiser on the island. As underscored by DNAinfo reporter, this “Ritz Carlton affair will follow a string of high-brow fundraisers that the President has attended around Manhattan in recent months” including a “private performance private performance of “Sister Act” on Broadway, for which top-tier tickets cost $35,800 and $10,000, respectively.” So as big time donors get out their checkbooks this evening, New York City drivers in Manhattan better try to get out of work early as Obama-nation revs up its engine for presidential race 2012.

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