Merryl Streep’s Neighbors Battle the Market in Tribeca

Merryl Streep’s Neighbors Battle the Market in Tribeca

The building at 92 Laight Street is known for its penthouse owned by Merryl Streep. The home is part of a two-building complex known as River Loft in Tribeca. Merryl Streep bought the penthouse unit for a tad under $9 million. Now, two apartments at the location are on the market.

Both apartments measure 2,666 square feet and have ¾ bedrooms. One apartment is listed with a Tribeca Real Estate company for $6.5 million. This unit, #9A is actually being listed for more than the apartment above at #12A. While it may be a thrill to live beneath Merryl Streep, many buyers are put off by this high price. They believe they will simply be paying to live in the same building as a star. However, the photos that are available of these two empty spaces are breathtaking.

Apartment 9A has already had two owners and the apartment was bought by the second owner in 2008 for a price of $6.5 million. 12A was purchased in 2005 for $3.15 million and is now being sold at $6.35 million.

Each apartment at 92 Laight has a slightly different layout, providing each with their own charm. Living alongside Merryl Streep is now possible for the first person who can finance a whopping $6 million.


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