Lower Manhattan Downtown Connection Bus back at half-speed

Lower Manhattan Downtown Connection Bus back at half-speed

Like much of everything else in Lower Manhattan the Downtown Connection bus fleet sustained large scale damage from Hurricane Sandy. However, a month after the storm, the handy Lower Manhattan bus system is fighting to get the pep back into its step.

The damage sustained by Nextbus, the operator of the Downtown Connection, occurred primarily at their Red Hook, Brooklyn bus garage, wherein the seven Lower Manhattan buses are housed.

According to the Downtown Alliance’s website Nextbus is working tirelessly to keep its operable buses on their regular routes. However, there are currently only 4 buses operating 7 days a week from 10 am-7:30 pm as opposed to the 7 Lower Manhattan busses which operate Monday-Friday and the 5 weekend downtown buses.


Lower Manhattan Downtown Connection Bus back at half speed

One of the Downtown Connection buses back on the road

Moreover, the currently functional buses operate without GPS technology in twenty minute intervals, disallowing from Lower Manhattan residents and visitors to check the available of Downtown Connection buses via mobile technology.

There has been no date given by the Downtown Alliance or Nextbus on when full service is expected.

Complementary Bus Service

A free bus service provided by the Downtown Alliance, the Downtown Connection offers transport from South Street Seaport to Battery Park City with over 37 stops, river to river.

The Downtown Connection buses, unveiled at the tail end of 2011, hold 23 passengers in periphery seating for 23 people as well as television monitors broadcasting  Lower Manhattan news and visitor information.

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