Lower Manhattan suit for Hurricane Sandy Damage

Lower Manhattan suit for Hurricane Sandy Damage

Lower Manhattan Hurricane Sandy damage has been well documented by Battery Park Blog. Well it now looks as though it will be tried in court.  Customers of a 24/7  Central car garage located at 227 Cherry Street have brought forth a suit against the garage for an undisclosed amount of money to compensate for damage incurred during the storm.

In the class action lawsuit, customers claim that the lower Manhattan parking garage disallowed them from fleeing Hurricane Sandy by locking down  its facility without any notice to residents.

Lower Manhattan suit for Hurricane Sandy Damage

Taken from thelodownny.com

Deception of Customers

Attendants at the 24/7 Central parking garage (owned by Standard Parking) at 227 Cherry St repeatedly assured customers that it would remain open throughout the storm, papers state. This decision to close came after a garage attendant told customers that the garage would not be closing.
However, by 4 pm Sunday (October 28th), the parking was locked. The suit further states that customers were not allowed into the garage to survey for any potential damage until Nov. 9th. Moreover, a signed liability waiver was required for admission into the lower Manhattan parking garage. 
The Aftermath
50 cars in total were totaled by Lower Manhattan Flooding damage. While some car owners had comprehensive insurance, many others did not. Apart from losing automobiles, many owners lost personal property, including expensive devises such as GPS devices. 

The Aviles family was especially affected by the lack of access to their automobile, as their paralyzed daughter could not be taken to relatives in Queens and was forced to endure an apartment without heat or electricity.

The garage owners have declined to offer any comment.

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