Lower Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Lower Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

In the completely unbiased and objective opinion of Battery Park Blog, Lower Manhattan is absolutely the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Not only does the area provide revelers with extremely narrow, pedestrian-friendly streets, Lower Manhattan St. Patrick Day participants also have a number of pubs and bars to choose from.

Lower Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

A view of Pearl Street

We’ll start the small corridor of Pearl Street and Hanover Square. Along the winding Dublin style brick and cobble stone streets stand over 10 different pubs and taverns. The close proximity of the bars allow for the perfect pub crawl. Moreover, in solid St. Patrick’s Day fashion, there will be live shows and performances of classic Gaelic and Irish-inspired rock groups.

Another solid area for St. Patrick Day festivity in Lower Manhattan is the South Street Seaport district. As though it was copied and pasted from a photo of the coastal Irish city of Cork, South Street Seaport bars such as Nelson’s Blue, Jeremy’s Ale House, and the Fish Market serve up hearty pints all day and all night.

Already bolstered by great train access and bar variety for revelers from any part of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and even New Jersey, Lower Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day is bound to be par none.

Lower Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

View of South Street Seaport

While the rest of New York City’s bar will spend the day trying to play the part of a proper Britannic/Gaelic style entity this Saint Patrick’s Day, Lower Manhattan bar’s, pubs, and taverns will be able to just be themselves, giving their patrons the good time they’ve always had.

For more information on Lower Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day, check out the Downtown Alliance.


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