Lower Manhattan Sheldon Silver joins Electoral College to vote Obama

Lower Manhattan Sheldon Silver joins Electoral College to vote Obama

Joined by Lower Manhattan’s very own state assemblyman, Sheldon Silver, the 29 members of New York’s Electoral College will be meeting today in Albany to officially cast their “pledged” votes for President Barack Obama.

Taking place in the state Senate Chamber, the vote casting will be broadcasted live at noon today on public broadcast stations across the state New York. Cesar Perales, the New York Secretary of State  will lead the broadcasted ceremony.

Electoral College

The ceremony which Lower Manhattan’s Sheldon Silver and the 28 other New York pols will be involved in is part of the national electoral college process. As dictated by the U.S. Constitution (Article 2, Section 1), both the president and vice president are actually elected indirectly by “electors” who cast votes won by the candidate through by popular vote.

Viewed an archaic practice by many, the electoral college  was instituted as a protection against popular tyranny. New York, like the majority of states, has a winner-takes-all apportionment of electoral votes and requires for all electors to pledge to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote. However, failure to honor this pledge carries punishment in New York but not a “voided” vote.

At today’s New York state Electoral College vote, Assemblyman Silver will be joined Gov. Andrew Cuomo,  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and many Democrat state leaders.

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