Liberty Green and Liberty Luxe Finally Set To Open in North Battery Park

Liberty Green and Liberty Luxe Finally Set To Open in North Battery Park

The New York’s Liberty Green and Liberty Luxe Tower is finally set to open after 45 years of construction at the Waterfront in Battery Park City.  Meanwhile, nine other buildings were developed in Battery Park since 2001 and the Liberty Luxe Tower is the culmination of decades long urban design and construction experiment.   The Liberty Luxe is the latest addition to USA’s largest laboratory for urban BIPV.

The buildings’ systems are designed by RELAB and are made to generate on-site energy with building integrated photovoltaic systems.  These earth-friendly systems are discreetly placed at the top buildings on the Hudson River skyline, providing not only environmental benefit but also improved aesthetics.

When asked his opinion, Derek Lee, Managing Partner of Battery Park-based real estate brokerage L.G. Fairmont Group replied, “Well designed developments in Battery Park City have always thrived through weaker economic cycles as we are seeing now.”  He continued, “People will always be drawn to the neighborhood for its unique luxury buildings breathtaking views of the Hudson River.  Even if we’re not completely out of the woods [speaking of the recession], the future Freedom Tower and newly empty office space at 85 Broad street will bring close to 500,000 jobs in to the neighborhood.  The demand will be there.”

The neighborhood around the Liberty Luxe Tower, is an active laboratory for alternative power technologies.   Using modern renewable energy systems, the buildings will be generating a portionof the required base energy onsite.  Some buildings use photovoltaic systems while others take advantage of the riverfront neighborhood’s strong winds by using turbines placed strategically on top of the buildings.

So after a long delay, the Liberty Luxe will finally be opening its sales offices.   Advocates of earth friendly designs are likely to be rooting for this building and the promise of renewable energy that it offers.

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