Battery Park, Fashion Night Out 2011 is finally here!

Battery Park, Fashion Night Out 2011 is finally here!



Fashion Night Out 2011 is finally here. Tonight, 6-11 pm, both  die-hard fashionistas and casual shoppers alike will storm New York City’s stores and boutiques for  latest Trends. Tonight’s menu of fabulous-ness ranges from high-end designers such as Armani, Jimmy Choo, and Dolce and Gabbana, but also more middle market designers such as Rogan, Ann Taylor, and the Gap.


Battery Park, Fashion Night Out 2011 is finally here!

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Tonight is not only about clothing, but also hair styling, food, and hospitality. However, with Fashion Night Out 2011 hosting over 950 events held in New York City in just 5 hours, even the most meticulous and determined will . For this reason, Battery Park Blog comes to the rescue for event goers in Battery Park and the Financial District.

Now, the web designers Fashion Night Out 2011 are simply genius. As one visits their website and then clicks on “Event Listings,” you are ported to a page entitled “Planning Your Evening.” After clicking on “Filtered By: Neighborhood” (located on the left-hand side), you can narrow your search to over 30 specific Manhattan neighborhood. Focusing on events in Battery Park City,  and the Financial District, this is what we came up with:


Battery Park City:

  • Vince Smith Hair Experience (300 Rector Place)

Financial District:

  • Aerosoles (2 Broadway & 18 John Street
  • William Barthman Jeweler (176 Broadway)
  • True Religion Brand Jeans (14 Wall Street)
  • The Shop at Equinox Wall Street (14 Wall Street) LOFT (2 Broadway)
  • J&R Music and Computer World (34 Park Row )
  • Greenwich Jewelers (64 Trinity Place)
  • DeNatale Jewelers (170 Broadway Suite 205 )
  • Century 21 Department Stores (22 Cortlandt Street )
  • CRUMBS Bake Shop (87 Beaver Street )

These listed events are just for these two neighborhoods. However, both TriBeCa and SoHo are to host over 200 events respectively. Ergo, those two neighborhoods will possess a much higher volume and a greater array of events. However, for those in the Financial District and Battery Park, you can enjoy this amazing evening in your own back yard.

All in all, this will be an amazing night for all who attend. All events for Fashion Night Out 2011 are absolutely free to the general public. Moreover, forty percent of the proceeds go to the New York City Aids Fund. So there you have it: Fashion, Fun, and philanthropy. September 8th cannot come soon enough.


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