Ed Hardy Building No Longer ‘Too Modern’ for TriBeCa

Ed Hardy Building No Longer ‘Too Modern’ for TriBeCa

A new modern building, which is to be located at 187 Franklin Street, has finally been approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The building is a unique design and offers a brick façade with metal balconies. The windows are angled, creating a fascinating design. The five-story building will have a completely different visual appeal than all others in TriBeCa.

While the building was first thought to be too modern, it is now believed that the 187 Franklin building will enhance the richness in the area. The building is now being referred to as the Ed Hardy building.

While the building has been approved, there are still members of the Historic Districts Council that believe this building is not a good fit for this TriBeCa location and it is simply something to attract attention. However, the bold design of the building has in fact been approved. The architect is planning to use computer software to determine where each of the 14,538 bricks will be placed when construction begins.

It has been said that the ground floor of the current building at 187 Franklin Street will be maintained and the new Ed Hardy building will rise above it.

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