Financial District Beckett’s Bar and Grill: A Safe Bet

Financial District Beckett’s Bar and Grill: A Safe Bet

Despite being infamous for our late night food conquests the nearby halal stand, 99 cent pizza joint, or Punjabi taxi stop, New Yorkers are always still hungry the next morning. And as winter chugs along, the intensity of the Sunday morning hangover, brunch cravings, and the need follow March Madness and post All-Star Basketball all increase.

However, this in Manhattan, the home of the $20 brunch that can fit in the palm of your hand. Where you’re more likely to hear chatter about last night’s dj and the lastest designers, than the voices of Gus Johnson and Bill Walton discussing the afternoon’s line-ups.

Financial District Beckett’s Bar and Grill: A Safe Bet

Side Shot of Beckett's morning goodness

So where can one find a solid brunch and multiple big screens to catch Sunday NBA and College Hoops? Beckett’s Bar and Grill at 81 Pearl Street in the Financial District. With its two floors of seating, not only does one avoid the lines and the need to make a reservation, but you also have the option of a peaceful meal.

The last time I went to the Financial District bar and grill, I had the Bacon, Potato And Cheddar omelet, while my friend had the Liz had the California omelet with avocado, red peppers and mushrooms. Both meals were pretty respectable. Moreover, for the price and the portions, we both felt as though we got a great value in addition to catching multiple basketball games during one meal.

Thus, Beckett’s bar and grill is a safe bet. It’s dark wood interior, big screens, and reasonably priced meals makes it the reliable choice. Plus, when we left, no more hangover!

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