Estimated ConEdison bills burden Lower Manhattan Sandy Victims

Estimated ConEdison bills burden Lower Manhattan Sandy Victims

As first reported by NY1 television, many Lower Manhattan residents have complained about receiving “higher than average” Con-Edison utility bills that include their time without power from Hurricane Sandy. Con Edison states that the high bills are the result of estimates. Many in Lower Manhattan, however, are still perplexed at higher bills despite not having power for weeks.

Post-Sandy, Con Edison has insisted upon estimating utility bills due to restricted meter reading access, as it was in the aftermath the storm. The utility company states that customer bills will be readjusted once meter readings are reported by either a Con-Edison reader or by Lower Manhattan residents themselves. These bill changes should be reflected by January 16th.

Con-Edison will be offering $3 credits for Manhattan residents and $6 credits to residents of other boroughs. There will also be bill credits offered to Lower Manhattan businesses.

But still, the policies of Con-Edison are still a burden for Lower Manhattan residents who are trying to get back to normalcy.  In a district of the city with 35 buildings still without power, Con-Edison is definitely not making life any easier for its customers and are leaving Lower Manhattan residents feeling conned.

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