Battery Park City Stuyvesant High Student “Cheater” Sues

Battery Park City Stuyvesant High Student “Cheater” Sues

Battery Park City Stuyvesant High Student “Cheater” Sues

Petition filed by Student Doe against the Department of Education

A senior at Stuyvesant HS says a lifetime of hard work is in jeopardy after being falsely accused in a widespread cheating scandal involving more than 80 students.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, “Student Doe” says that they were unfairly suspended as a result of the rampant cheating at Battery Park City’s Stuyvesant High School during the citywide Regents’ exams. Now the student’s college future is up in the air.

The petition says the student’s suspension will be automatically reported to prospective colleges – and that Stuyvesant’s voiding of the student’s Regents scores will be a black mark as well.

That is because students can’t take makeup tests until January – after the deadline for early admissions, and some regular admissions, said student Doe’s lawyer, Michael Rakower to the New York Post.

“If this problem is not remedied before the end of this month, it will likely doom my client’s chances of gaining early admission to the college of my client’s choice,” Rakower said.


Wrongly Accused

The petition filed by Student Does claims that they were one of the students who was received text messages containing answers from another student,” during the physics exam, but that their phone was off at the time.

Upon seeing the texts, Student Doe replied back, asking the other studentto discontinue all future text messages. According to Doe, none of the text messages were ever viewed.

Moreover, Doe denies that they sent any texts messages during the exam, contradicting previous claims made against Student Doe by the New York Department of Education (DOE). Student DOE and their lawyer argue that the lack of evidence and the refusal of a hearing as further examples of injury caused to Student DOE by the Department of Justice.

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