145 Hudson St: Market Welcomes $45M Penthouse

145 Hudson St: Market Welcomes $45M Penthouse

145 Hudson St – New York City may seem like madness for those who do not live in the city, but for the residents living in the luxury apartments and condominiums, the chaos all adds to the appeal of city living. The same holds true for residents of TriBeCa, which is one of the most desired areas in all of New York State.

Located at 145 Hudson St, there is a stunning apartment that provides luxury living. The apartment had one of the highest selling prices in history in 2009, when it sold for a whopping $30.5 million. That same apartment will be listed on the market again, with an asking price that is even higher. The price for this high end apartment is $45 million.

The apartment is a penthouse unit that is in a 14 story building at 145 Hudson St. With some of the most amazing views, custom interior design and top of the line appliances, This apartment will soon be known as the most expensive place to live in the city. Offering 7500 square feet of living space and a wraparound terrace, the apartment leaves little to be desired. It also has two staircases and three fireplaces.

The current owner has allowed tours of the apartment with the stipulation that he remains anonymous and no photographs were to be taken.

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